Disability Portfolio

A series of twelve guides on disability issues for museums archive and library staff published by the Council for Museums Archives and Libraries in 2003.

Download individual guides below or a zip of the complete pack here.


  1. Disability in context
    How attitudes and values are changing. Will enable organisations to recognise, analyse and remove the barriers which disabled people face.

  2. Meeting disabled people
    An essential guide to customer care with practical advice for welcoming disabled people with different access requirements.

  3. Training for equality
    The range of staff training available and its benefits. Also advises on how to find a trainer who works effectively with your organisation.

  4. Audits
    Gives advice on how to assess the audit needs of your organisation, how to draw up an audit brief and recruit an auditor.

  5. Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
    What the DDA covers, and what its implications are for museums, archives and libraries.

  6. Inclusive information
    Provision and promotion of information through a variety of media to ensure your message is accessible to all disabled people.

  7. Using technology
    How to improve accessibility to the use of ICT, provide relevant technology training, interactive exhibits and audio guides.

  8. Access on a shoestring
    Suggestions for creative solutions in combination with low-tech methods, to obtain optimum results with minimal funding.

  9. Accessible environments
    Advice on inclusive design for accessible environments, exhibitions and collections, lighting and signage, and labelling of information panels.

  10. Outreach and partnerships
    Working in partnership with external organisations and local communities to meet the needs of disabled people.

  11. Consulting disabled people
    Bringing together consultative groups of disabled people, and gaining their support for positive change.

  12. Employment at every level
    Advice on equality in recruitment, selection and retention